Fuel de-aerator - Tigerloop® Bio
The New Tigerloop® Bio is developed for Biofuel (Bio-liquids) produced to EN 14213, Heating Oil and C2 Kerosene.
Also suitable for blends of the same of up to B100.

TigerloopBio TigerloopBio
NEW! Tigerloop® Bio NEW! Tigerloop® Combi Bio

The New Tigerloop Bio – Biofuel and Heating oil Compatible

The New Tigerloop Combi Bio – Biofuel and Heating oil Compatible

Tigerloop® Bio - Biofuel and Heating oil Compatible


Pump connections
Tank connection
1/4’’ female thread
1/4’’ female thread
3/8’’ male thread
1/4’’ female thread

The New Tigerloop Combi Bio is developed for Biofuel (Bio-liquids) produced to EN 14213, Heating Oil and C2 Kerosene. Also suitable for blends of the same of up to B100. To be combined with a separate bio fuel filter.

Suitable for indoor installation (UK & IE markets)
The Tigerloop Bio model is constructed externally of metal materials making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation in the UK & IE. The Tigerloop automatically and continuously de-aerates the fuel by venting to atmosphere. This is the only way to prevent air or gas bubbles, which form during suction of oil from the tank, from entering the burner. This proven method of de-aeration ensures the best possible efficiency for the heating system. See leaflet/instructions (pdf file).

Installation codes vary on different markets. Always follow local regulations or installation codes when installing any model of Tigerloop.

Technical data – Tigerloop® Bio
Max nozzle capacity 110 l/h
Max return oil pumped into the Tigerloop 120 l/h
Max oil flow 230 l/h
Max de-aerating capacity 8 l/h
Max operating temperature 60°C
Max. / Min. operating pressure in feed line +0,5 / -0,6 bar

Effective de-aeration
In a Biofuel (Bio-liquid) heating system using a Tigerloop Bio, all fuel passes through the automatic fuel de-aerator, which effectively removes all gas/air bubbles from the system. This eliminates burner pump and nozzle problems associated with gas/air in the fuel.

Own two-pipe circulation
A burner pump delivers the same amount of fuel irrespective of what is actually needed for combustion. In the case of a normal domestic burner, only 5% of the delivered fuel is actually burned in combustion. The remaining 95% is transported by a two-pipe system back to the tank. With a Tigerloop Bio automatic de-aerator, no fuel will be transported back to the tank. The fuel that is not burned in combustion is lead back to the Tigerloop Bio where it is de-aerated again and again automatically. For this reason only the amount of fuel to be burned in combustion is sucked from the tank.

Preheated fuel
A one-pipe system with Tigerloop Bio increases the Burner pump capacity. Moreover, the fuel is actually preheated to at least room temperature as friction in the burner pump generates heat. This eliminates problems with cold fuel giving cleaner combustion and reduced fuel consumption.

Encrassement minimal
The flow of fuel in a one-pipe system is minimal due to the fact that only the amount of fuel burned needs to be drawn up from the tank. For this reason very little dirt/sludge is transported from the tank. This reduces the risk for clogged filters and burner nozzles. Filtration is more effective, soot build up is reduced and filter life is extended.

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